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Official trailer for the documentary

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WATCH A MUST SEE TRAILER ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE "JESUS CHRIST AND THE MACEDONIANS" Author: Aleksandar Donski Producer: Australian Macedonian Theater of Sydney and Macedonian Literary Association “Grigor Prlichev” of Australia Executive Producer: DUSHAN RISTEVSKI
The aim of this documentary film is to highlight and reveal to the world the great Macedonian contribution to the creation of the Old and New Testament and to bring forth many neglected historical facts on the life and activities of the Macedonian community living in the Holy Land before and during Jesus’ living existence.
Be a donor and immortalize your name in this historic documentary which will attract public interest and will become a permanent beacon for future generations interested in finding out the truth!
If we consider that the movie, with the passing of time, will be seen by many dozens, or even hundreds of thousands viewers, here is the perfect opportunity for businessmen with donation of several hundreds AUD to get an advertisment of their own company in the movie, which will be seen by more than dozens, or even hundreds, thousands of times, and thus securing their own name in history.

For more information about the project, please feel free to get in touch with me on;, or Aleksandar Donski:

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