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The Documentary "Jesus Christ and the Macedonians" is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund.
Watch the Second part of this fascinating documentary film which aim is to highlight and reveal to the world the great Macedonian contribution to the creation of the Old and the New Testament.
- Beside Saint Paul and Saint Luke, there were other Biblical personalities who visited Macedonia. Some of them were: Saint Peter, Saint Andrew, Saint Matthew, Saint John and others.
- The three of the four evangelists who wrote the New Testament also visited Macedonia.
- The Macedonians were mentioned several times in the apocryphal old Christian manuscript regarding Jesus’ first Apostle Saint Andrew who at the time was visiting Macedonia. The Macedonians were also credited for saving Saint Andrew’s life from the furious Romans.
- According to monk Stephen who wrote “The Holy Mother Mary’s Biography”, The Holy Mother herself visited Macedonia for a short time. Based on older sources, Stephen provided some details about her encounter with the Macedonians and about the Holy Mother Mary’s blessing Macedonia.
- Parts of the New Testament were written in Macedonia!
- The first Christians who were christened on European grounds were Macedonians!
- The first Christian community in Europe was founded in Macedonia!
- For the first time in history the term “Christians” was used to describe the christened Macedonians!
- According to one world famous encyclopedia and some American historians who deal with the history of the Bible, claimed that there is significant probability that the Evangelist Saint Luke (one of the authors of the New Testament) was Macedonian! The documentary film will reveal why and how this claim was made!
Did you know that some parts in the Holy Bible were changed to favor the Greeks? When the Old Testament book of “Daniel” was translated into various languages the word “Greece” was arbitrarily added. The original Bible that was written in Hebrew calls Greece “Javan”. There was no land or country called “Greece” at the time when the Book of Daniel was written.

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